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xhozst5 post(s)
#18-Sep-18 02:44

We've recently purchased Manifold 8 for a contract job to serve web maps for a handful of existing manifold 8 clients. The official IMS live demo's linked to appear to be down (for me at least). Is this down for others as well? With minimal effort i was able to get an site spun up via iis that allows zooming on some map features.

I'm stronger in php and am interested using open layers with which i have some familiarity. I see people mentioning creating a manifold wms driver but the links are either dead or no code is supplied. Can someone provide a tutorial? Is there a better alternative or is this the recommended approach?

I don't think upgrading to 9 is an option at the moment but if we did does that have native wms support in order to use openlayers for client side and is that the recommended approach?


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#18-Sep-18 12:17

The server was out earlier today. It's up now.

I see people mentioning creating a manifold wms driver

Release 8 IMS includes the ability to serve via WMS. No need to write a separate driver for the server. See

Did you mean Release 8 as a WMS client? No need to write a driver for that. See

if we did does that have native wms support

Yes. 9 has native WMS client capability. Use the free Viewer. There are many user manual topics and videos and free projects you can download to see how easy it is to connect to WMS in Viewer. See, for example, the Web Servers and Image Servers intro topic and then jump to the recommended examples. 9/Viewer as WMS clients are better than 8 if you want to connect to non-Manifold WMS servers.

Writing Release 8 IMS sites, the recommended approach is covered in the map server overview topic cited above.

9 does not yet include IMS. It will, later this year, and that will be part of the 9 Universal license that people now currently can procure.

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