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#18-Sep-18 16:32

Hi, I have a DEM with holes in it. What would be the workflow to fill these holes ? M8 or M9.

The terrain is a yard with piles of wood. I removed the wood piles, creating holes. I would like the holes to be filled according to the pixels around the holes. The goal is to have the height of the ground under the piles.

Thank you.


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#18-Sep-18 18:54

A Simple Transform - interpolates row did it.

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#20-Sep-18 06:32

I've got a similar issue - a bunch of contours I've made into a surface, and from there an image which I'll use later. Lots of holes due to how fine the contours are and how low I'm having to set the resolution.

Working in Manifold 8, but never done anything with images before. Any idea where I'd find the interpolation option you used (even if it means having to transform the image again)?

EDIT - never mind, found it!

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