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Home - General / All posts - Broke the GUI by exporting map to KML

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#23-Sep-18 20:37

Hi all

Wasn't sure how to name this. Can't reproduce it either....Oops Yes I can. Exported a map to KML and the GUI Changed. See attached. Both the content and the proiject panes are undocked from the side of the screen.



How soon?


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#24-Sep-18 16:33

Erm. Can we have the data (the map that you export)?

(It looks like the export accesses memory that it doesn't own - and this is pretty bad, but we cannot reproduce it so far.)


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#24-Sep-18 21:40

Yes. Ill send it as soon as I get home.


How soon?


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#27-Sep-18 19:19

Sent the file. Did not hear from Tech.

How soon?


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#28-Sep-18 07:00

Did not hear from Tech.

? You shouldn't expect a reply to a Bug Report. Tech almost always sends an acknowledgement, usually within a day or two, but you're only guaranteed a quick response if you launch a support incident.

No doubt you used the correct email address and all that but, just in case... there's a quick checklist in the Bug Reports page. Worth a check just in case.

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