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#25-Sep-18 08:51

Trying to create a drawing from a table with lat,long coordinates with Viewer on windows 7 32bit.

I create a table. I add "long", "lat" fields (both float64) and geom1 (geom data type). I type some random values in lat and long fields. I then select the Compose Point transformation. I select X:long, Y:lat. The problem is that in the units' list there are no degrees (or any other angular unit) to select as unit. Why? In "Example: Create a Drawing from a Geocoded Table" there is "deg" as unit.

no degrees.jpg


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#25-Sep-18 11:30

You did not define the coordinate system for the field, and the default coordinate system is metric (Pseudo-Mercator).

Create a drawing based on the geom field and specify the coordinate system for it while doing so. After you do this, the Compose Point will see that the geom is going to be lat/lon and will show angular instead of metric units for X and Y.


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#25-Sep-18 11:58

There is a step-by-step illustrated example at the Example: Create a Drawing from a Geocoded Table topic. Follow the steps in the example.

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