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HaydenSAEON1 post(s)
#28-Sep-18 09:37

Good day.

I am looking for a manifold reseller that can assist in the procurement process required by a government organisation in South Africa.

We have identified that manifold 9 is probably the best tool for us to use for analyzing some the big datasets that we host. However, as we are a government organisation we have to jump through a number of hoops in order to procure software. we cant just buy it directly from the manifold online store.

So, I am looking for 3 resellers that I can contact in order to supply a quote for manifold release 9 and also fill in the documentation required by the South African tax authority in order for us to get clearance to procure the software.

If there are additional services (training or advice or whatever) that the reseller also provides as a value added service we would like to hear about it!

Kind regards


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#28-Sep-18 19:04


Please, drop me a line.

We would be able to send you a quote either from the US and/or from our sister company in Germany.


Bernie Drahola

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