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xhozst5 post(s)
#03-Oct-18 05:38

I'm using openlayers as a client for wms from manifold ims. It appears the order of lat and lon are reversed between the two systems. For example in the wms request url the lat and lons are reversed in the bbox parameter. How can i get the order the same between the two systems?


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#03-Oct-18 11:06

is it 130? if so it reverses cords for the cs that use an inversed notation. all as per wms specs. try 111 and it should be ok. Or ensure coord inversion in ol.

i don't remember if ol 3,4,5 handles cs properly (i would have guessed so), but in ol 2.x it was necessary to apply reversed axis order for a specified projection

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xhozst5 post(s)
#03-Oct-18 14:29

Wow. changing from 1.3.0 to 1.1.1 got it to work. It seemed like ol was handling the flipping of coordinates but release 8 ims wms wasn't. I'll have to verify that though.

xhozst5 post(s)
#03-Oct-18 14:39

Also, i had tried both ol3 and ol5.

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#03-Oct-18 16:59

Check out

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