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#04-Oct-18 08:19

I've submitted a bug report to tech.

I had cause to seek out some data for Africa today and went to the DCW data initially supplied on Manifold 7 DVD in Manifold 4.5 format. It imports into 9 as Pseudo Mercator, assigning the correct coordinate system of lat / long seems to distort the coordinate system and it will not display in a map with a Bing image, for example.

If I import the same M 4.5 drawings into M8 first, they are correctly positioned and assigned the correct coordinate system. If I save the M8 project, then open that in M9, all is fine. Coordinates for the same part of the data are highlighted in the screenshots.

Import Manifold v4.5mfd dwg into M8 save then open in 9.PNG
Import Manifold v4.5mfd dwg into M9.PNG

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