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djmcbell24 post(s)
#12-Oct-18 00:19

One of the maps I use calculates slopes on surfaces, using the slopeHeight function. This is Manifold 8.

Now, I can use this fine on a computer that has Manifold 8 Ultimate installed (8.0.29). However, I am wanting to use this on my local computer which has Manifold 8 Enterprise (8.0.30), and slopeHeight brings up the following error:

Unexpected token 'slopeHeight' at line 7.

Now, having read the versions guide, I would imagine that this may be part of the surface tools included in Ultimate, but not in Enterprise. I just want to make sure I'm right before I start asking if we can upgrade.


8,743 post(s)
#12-Oct-18 02:45

See the Raster Extensions topic.

SlopeHeight(s, g) (was: Slope)

SlopeHeight(s, x, y)

SlopeHeight(s, x, y, w)

Returns the slope of s at the specified location. The location is either the centroid of a geom or a pair of XY coordinates. Passing the w parameter computes slope over a window of specified size (1 for 3x3, 2 for 5x5, etc). Surface Tools only.

So you need either (a) an edition that includes Surface Tools or (b) another edition plus the Surface Tools extension (or the Option Pack).

To see whether a current Manifold 8 installation includes Surface Tools, see Help > About. If it does, it says so.

Everything else you need to know is on the Products page. Some previous version 8 editions are no longer offered (pricing was simplified).

(None of this applies to version 9.)

djmcbell24 post(s)
#12-Oct-18 03:08

Guessed so, thanks.

May need to see if I can convince the higher-ups to shell out for an upgrade. Not that it's expensive - Manifold is quite cheap compared to alternatives. However, we are evaluating one of the alternatives and if management like it, I may well have to try to convert stuff to it.


8,743 post(s)
#12-Oct-18 03:34

It's not appropriate to discuss prices directly here, but for heaven's sake do read the relevant pages to find out how little Surface Tools would cost you. Any less and you'd have to buy it lunch.

djmcbell24 post(s)
#12-Oct-18 04:48

Yes, I agree it is very cheap. I had already read that page and it would definitely save us a lot of time (and money) in getting it.

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