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Hydralogic34 post(s)
#18-Oct-18 06:16

I am using a link to a local aerial image library for background to a map series.

The image library is approximately 6Gig in size and covers a fairly large local government area.

The project has 10 Layout sheets and 9 of these present without any problems.

However, for the 10th sheet the background Aerial Image is not displaying at larger scales, but does at smaller scales. This appears to apply to both map scales and layout scales.

I have attached some screenshots to demonstrate the issue.

You will see, when the layout is viewed at a 50% scale the full aerial background is visible. However, when the same Layout is viewed at 100% a portion of the aerial disappears.

Similarly for the Map window. At 15k scale a portion is missing, yet at a 5k scale it is visible.

I would be grateful for your suggestions and guidance to understand and resolve this issue.

15k Map View.JPG
5k Map View.JPG
Layout 100% view scale.JPG
Layout 50% view scale.JPG


6,300 post(s)
#18-Oct-18 09:18

We need details about the source of the image.

Are this local files or provided by a WMS server? Which type of image? Address of the server?

If local is this the Mfd 8 image library format? If so how do the singel images of the library display? What happens, if you export images as ECW building there own internal pyramids and link those?


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#29-Oct-18 15:24

Can it be that the image library is simply missing files for tiles at the desired level in the desired region (or that these files are of the wrong size / invalid)?

You can use Image - Create Index Drawing to help check the above.

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