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#30-Oct-18 14:29

A great new offer went live today for Release 8 licensees. Basically, you can trade in a Release 8 serial number to get 9 for $345 (a $250 savings), and you get to keep using Release 8.

Upgrades trade in an old serial number on a new product, wiping out the old serial number. To enable people to keep using 8 even after the trade, the new offers allow trade-ins of a Release 8 serial number on a Release 9 + 8 Universal bundle. The new 8 Universal license replaces the old 8 license.

That way, when you trade in your old Release 8 serial number, although that old serial number gets wiped out, in addition to your new 9 serial number, you also get a brand new Release 8 Universal x64 serial number. That's an especially good deal for people who will be trading in a Personal Edition or Professional Edition serial number, since they not only get 9, they also get a free upgrade to Universal x64.

If you have Release 8 Database Administrator Edition or Ultimate Edition, you get a similar deal. There is a new bundle of Release 9 + Release 8 Ultimate; if you trade your Release 8 Database Administrator or Release 8 Ultimate license towards the bundle, you get the bundle for $345. Basically, it works out the same in that you get a Release 9 license for $345 plus you get a fresh Release 8 Ultimate x64 license to replace the Release 8 license traded in. Trading in a Database Administrator license ends up getting a free upgrade to Ultimate x64.

All the above applies only to full Release 8 licenses, not to runtime licenses. It also applies only to unbundled Release 8 licenses, not to any Release 8 licenses acquired in a bundle with Radian Studio or Release 9 licenses, since such bundled licenses were part of special discount deals already.

Trade ins for Radian Studio to 9 will end in 2018 and won't be extended into 2019. So... those folks who have procrastinated about upgrading from Radian Studio to 9 should not miss the last chance special offer that runs through December 31.

Mike Pelletier

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#31-Oct-18 15:32

Excellent deal Dimitri. Does the new Mfd 8 serial number come with 5 activations?


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#31-Oct-18 16:56


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#31-Oct-18 16:24

Many, many of us who have been using Manifold over the years have been using it for 10 years or more. We might have misplaced any serial numbers we originally had to fill in the xxxxx's in the display of our license number. Is this going to kill the deal for us?

I did find several old CDs with Manifold versions on them in my office last week. That seemed quaint and outdated.


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#31-Oct-18 17:11

Key recovery services

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