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jdjoy173 post(s)
#06-Nov-18 23:45

So in Manifold 8 you can create your own png file and place it in your config folder to create custom icons. Is this possible or a similar way to do this in Manifold 9?


5,359 post(s)
#07-Nov-18 02:21

Sure. Create a font with symbols and use that. Many tools for that.

125 post(s)
#07-Nov-18 09:59

But Windows don't support multiple-colors fonts, right?


8,446 post(s)
#07-Nov-18 10:22

It does, complete support for color fonts is there since Windows 10 Anniversary Update with pieces coming even earlier in Windows 8.1.

Relevant post on Windows blog.

125 post(s)
#07-Nov-18 11:01

I didn't know that about windows 10.

Are there plans to support in M9 image files as symbols, like in 8? This will be useful for those still using windows 7 and for cases that one needs a fast and simple way to use just one image as symbol.


8,446 post(s)
#07-Nov-18 11:57

We are looking into it, although no promises for now.

What we don't like about custom symbols stored in files is how fragile this is and how difficult it is then to move the data between machines without losing formatting. Fonts are somewhat better in this respect, although still not ideal. That's the only roadblock. Maybe we should store custom symbols or libraries of custom symbols as components, or maybe we should still use files but keep them in a known folder under ~\shared and provide means to manage them + maybe embed them into MAP files for transporting, maybe we should do something else. Painting itself is easy.

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