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#11-Nov-18 15:37


is there a way in manifold 9 after set custom zoom and position ( save using location) to have a static georeference raster of the location to avoid use the dynamic raster ( from osm server so i can delete it ) ?

In a way i want to know if it is possible to convert all mdf_meta and mfd_root attach to osm server and location in one raster file that contain georeference information !!



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#12-Nov-18 08:05

Do you want to accomplish something similiar to what the Tools-Make Image command does in Manifold8? There is not such a command in M9 yet, neither a template for that. I don't know if you could do that programmatically.


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#12-Nov-18 10:23

You can do in 9 what Tools - Make Image does in 8 programmatically - at least for images. This would perhaps be good material for an add-in.

That said, we might add a UI command analogous to Tools - Make Image as well, for components other than images.

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