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#15-Nov-18 22:16

Hi guys, just wanted to ask if Maniolfd Sales are on a holiday?, I send an email a few days ago and had no response. Should I wait a little longer, or resend the message. What do you think guys...


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#16-Nov-18 03:58

Not knowing what you sent, it's hard to guess. Manifold is pretty diligent about replying to emails. But a few useful links come to mind:

The Contact page (a link at the bottom of all pages and a link in the Contact left hand menu in many pages).

I checked the Holidays link in that and... none in November.

The Email Problems page. It could be that your email system is blocking any replies.

I trust, of course, that you're not expecting any response for an email you sent in where you should not expect a response, right? You know, like filing a bug report, etc. The Contact Tech Support page has a good overview of how to contact tech support when you want a response.

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#16-Nov-18 07:02

Thank you Dimitri. Everything OK, just had to wait a little longer. Thank you. Have a great day everybody.

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