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geoworld19842 post(s)
#20-Nov-18 23:29


New to Manifold and am learning my way around. Loaded a GoTopo30 DEM. The default views are center, south-west corner etc. How can get an aerial view? Is there add ins available to change the view? I would like to be able pan and tilt. I noticed there is a viewer bot window, but it is empty.



8,479 post(s)
#21-Nov-18 08:16

You can move around using WASD + arrows to change the direction. You'll probably want to increase the rendering distance - that's in Terrain - Surface, Display XX tiles. I'd also suggest turning on Wireframe in the same dialog temporarily so that you can see where you move clearer even if the surface is flat or if you happen to be in a big flat area. Other than that, see documentation for terrains.

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