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drtees64 post(s)
#21-Nov-18 21:07

A project I am currently working on requires the creation of habitat connection under a proposed road between a pocket of wetland and relatively undisturbed habitat . I was hoping that I could create a rectangular area with a depth component that could be overlain onto LIDAR terrain data (the layer is painted over the terrain, not embedded into texture). Barring that, I was hoping that I could create a series of rectangles with different elevation values that could be stacked on the terrain image. So far, all I have been able to accomplish is creating a flat plane that conveniently lies on top of the terrain high points. Changing the height component does not appear to have any affect on how the rectangle is displayed on the terrain.

The question is whether there is a way in M8 to create said three-dimensional drawings and have them render at specified elevations over the terrain.


6,303 post(s)
#21-Nov-18 22:09

You can embed drawings with height in terrains. The combination is not composed in a map but as terrain overlay. See help topic Area overlays in Surfaces and Terrains.

There is no way to define the free space under an object like a bridge and only flat sufaces of objects but no sloped roofs.

drtees64 post(s)
#21-Nov-18 23:13

It is as I thought. I was hoping that I could illustrate my concept in Manifold rather than flogging around with SketchUp.

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