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SSerbanescu4 post(s)
#23-Nov-18 17:13


I'm using Manifold 9 and I can't manage to project a simple csv file on a map.

The file has the fields for time/lat/long/value and I don't manage to covert it in a drawing and map layer.

(example attached)

Is there an easy guide lines to follow?... cause the documentation and the YouTube videos don't say anything about importing a table and project it on a map...

Thank you in advance.


SSerbanescu4 post(s)
#23-Nov-18 17:30

I have found the solution in the documentation at

Example: Create a Drawing from a Geocoded Table


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#23-Nov-18 17:49

cause the documentation and the YouTube videos don't say anything about importing a table and project it on a map...

Try the Key Word tab in the documentation. Any modern browser will let you do a Ctrl-F to open a Find box. Enter CSV and it will find entries with CSV in them in the Key word index.,_asc,_psv,_tab.htm

Basics you should read:

etc, etc.

I get the impression you've jumped over the basic reading. That's a terrible mistake that will waste endless time and cause totally unnecessary frustration. Especially if you are in a hurry, do as the Chinese maxim says, and "make haste slowly." Read the topics in the Getting Started and Basics chapters. That will let you get started quickly and effectively.

[Edit... our posts crossed. Glad you found the topic, but the advice above is still good. And don't skip that CSV topic in the Formats and Data Sources book.]

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#24-Nov-18 05:06

A "create geom and drawing" checkbox (or an "csv with coordinates" entry in the file types list in the import dialog) that would open a corresponding dialog after selecting the csv to import would be useful. In that dialog the user would select the columns to use as E-N/lat-long and the coordinate system of the drawing to be created.

You have a similar possibility in M8 and I have already sent a suggestion for that in M9, because although the current procedure does the job, importing a csv with coordinates just to create a drawing immediately afterwards is a very usual procedure, so a "wizard-like" dialog would be very handy.


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#24-Nov-18 07:02

No that would be too much.

How many other checkboxes or extra options would you be prepared to see for import?

There is no similar facility in Manifold 8. That is incorrect.

I think what you might be referring to and missing is the ability to copy a table (already imported) and paste it as a drawing. That would not work exactly the same in 9, but something similar would be good.

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#24-Nov-18 10:25

Yes you are right about 8. I had in mind the copy-paste as drawing dialog and also the dialog when creating a drawing from a linked table. I agree that something similar to what there is in 8 is fine.

SSerbanescu4 post(s)
#12-Dec-18 18:30

Hi Dimitri,

first thank you for your reply and the guide lines.

The reason I didn't went through the basic reading is because I used M8 for two years and I didn't expect that M9 to be so different.

Is a complete new software with a totally new workflow.

Everything I've learn in M8 can't be applied in M9. And I believe this is what generate the frustration.

From another point of view procedures that were very easy before now are very complicated or missing at all. I'm trying add the legend layer over my map and apparently is not possible. A simple task that in M8 was very easy to use and rich in design capabilities. (Not a Legend- Because the Total Style button shows a preview of the combined effects of individual basic properties, the Style panel provides a quick and dirty legend. Much better will be the formal Legend capabilities that will soon appear in upcoming builds.) - this is a note from M9 documentation Start > Style / Formatting > Style: Drawings

Apologies if I sound too offensive. I just wanted to point out my experience with M9 and hopefully will be treated as a feedback.


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#12-Dec-18 19:21

From another point of view procedures that were very easy before now are very complicated or missing at all.

It should go without saying for any sophisticated product, be it Adobe PhotoShop, Visual Studio, Oracle DBMS, or Release 9, that if you haven't learned how to operate the product at even basic levels you'll find it much more complicated and difficult to use than a product which you have learned well over the course of years.

9 is different, so you have to look at what it does and how it does that and learn to use 9 correctly. Overall, 9 does far, far more than 8. 9 can do things 8 cannot come close to touching, and in most cases of overlap the 9 way is far easier and more effective when doing sophisticated things. But that doesn't mean that 9 does everything that 8 does. 9 is a much bigger Venn circle than the 8 circle. It overlaps the 8 circle in significant ways, but the 9 circle does not cover, that is, completely include, the 8 circle.

8 has a broad set of GUI features, but 9 is way deeper and more capable in terms of data sophistication and manipulation. As 9 adds various GUI features, those tend to be far more extensive and capable than what is in 8. The recent upgrades to Style are a good example of that, and the significantly greater capabilities in things like the Transform and Select panes over 8's transform and select toolbars are also examples. Over time, everything that people realistically used in 8 will appear in 9. But those 8 things won't appear in 9 before things that 9 users want to see expanded in 9. That's the way it works with a community driven product: what the community says it wants happens first.

If you haven't learned how to use 9 you won't be able to take advantage of 9's ability to do things very well and, generally, very much more effectively than 8.

Anyway, once you've learned how to use 9 and have attentively done the reading such a sophisticated product requires, and you've gotten over the initial learning curve, then you'll be in position to compare and contrast the 9 way of doing stuff with what 8 does. That would be very useful feedback. :-)

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