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#24-Nov-18 00:04

after read this post .....and this ( to test by my own ...sequence term)

1) i have to search on a table of 40 000 row in IMS so mfd8 ( i think ill use regexp on many column text field ) .

is there something equivalent in manifold 8( table) table.SearchAll() find in manifold9?

what is the context of use such function that appear in mfd 9 and that don't exist in mfd8 ?

2) in excel and mfd8 debuger i find many word with I . i ll read microsoft documentation what mean the character "I" find in

public static Manifold.Table I_table(Manifold.Table t){}


public static Manifold.Table I(Manifold.Table t)


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#11-Dec-18 14:21

The equivalent to Table.SearchAll in Manifold 8 is looping through the RecordSet - using either For or For Each.



Sub Main

  Set tbl = Document.ComponentSet("Drawing Table")

  value = 0

  For Each rec In tbl.RecordSet

    value = value + CInt(rec.Data("ID"))


  Application.MessageBox value, "Script"

End Sub

Need more context for the second question.

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