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#25-Nov-18 16:57

While updating the Dump_Code addin I noticed that the context (WITH [[ ]]) for computed field and constraint expression is not exposed in M9 API.


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#25-Nov-18 18:32

Can you give an example Riivo?

Schema.Field.Expression (empty string if not a computed field) and Schema.Constraint.Expression are exposed.


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#25-Nov-18 19:05

Sorry: exactly what you said.

As described in Computed Fields and Constraints, and as in Adam's mind-expanding example sharing a single CoordConverter object for all records in a field.

You are right, it is not exposed in the current .NET model,* nor in the GUI (via Edit > Schema). Only readable for now by copying the table and pasting its definition into a command window.

(*I also checked just in case the context is somehow included within Schema.Field.Expression, although the logic would not quite work. You probably checked too. It isn't.)


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#26-Nov-18 07:17

Yes, we are aware that we are missing .NET API calls for managing contexts of constraints / computed fields, and will add them. Thanks for the reminder.

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