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#25-Nov-18 21:28

I have been sent a drawing file (fence lines) that I have overlaid on some drone imagery and all of the lines in the drawing are slightly off. To get them to sit right I was going to move the entire object (on each object within the drawing) but I need to be able to snap the vertices to those of object next to it. Is it possible to use the snap to tool when moving an entire object or do I need to move each vertices individually?


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#25-Nov-18 21:57

Likely to be a datum issue?

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#25-Nov-18 22:48

The fence file is in NZMG and the imagery in NZTM.


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#25-Nov-18 23:18

They are the projections. What are the associated datums?

It may be that one source says that it uses, say, NZGD49, when it actually uses WGS84 or NZTM2000, or vice versa.

What is the scale of the offset?

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#26-Nov-18 01:49

Datum for the fence file I have been give is NZGD 1949 (that's what it says on the projection info anyway) offset 0. For the imagery it is NZDG 2000 offsets X - 1770613.3740000001. Y - 5860603.1588500002. Have got all of this using Manifold 8

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#26-Nov-18 00:49

If it is not a datum issue and you just need to move the objects to line up with the imagery then,

I may be wrong but:

I do not think that snapping objects to other objects works/is turned on yet when editing existing objects, either individual vertices or entire object to vertice(s) of other object in M9.

Snapping does work when creating a new object as per documentation:

"When creating new objects, Manifold will snapthe mouse cursor to nearby vertices of existing objects. We can toggle snapping off and on by pressing the spacebar."


You can move all objects in a drawing at once (or some by selecting them) and then using Transform - Shift and entering the distance in the Shift X and Shift Y boxes. Click the "Restrict to selection" box if you only want to move the selected objects. The preview will show the movement, change the X and Y distances as required to line up with the underlying imagery. Then chose "Update Field" or "Add Component" selection button and click the button to complete the transform.


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#26-Nov-18 07:24

Is it possible to use the snap to tool when moving an entire object

Not yet.

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