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sour114 post(s)
#27-Nov-18 06:05

Good day everyone just encountered this lines; in the length "i" i have value with negative exponential value the samples are attached.

Are there gis digitization practices to eliminate this scenario? Particularly in zoom ref?




1,917 post(s)
#27-Nov-18 06:19

Negative exponential just means that the length is <1. If you change the formatting of Length (I) to 5 decimal points for example you will see their length as decimals.

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jaignacio1 post(s)
#23-Jan-19 02:59

how can we change the length "i" to 5 decimal places? thank you :)


5,383 post(s)
#23-Jan-19 08:50

See the Formatting Columns topic in the Tables book in the User Manual.


6,303 post(s)
#23-Jan-19 17:46

... right click onto a column head and choose Format from the context menu. ... [from user manual]

This is not working for me with 168.7. No context menu (on my german system).

125 post(s)
#23-Jan-19 18:15

I think Dimitri refers to M8.


8,687 post(s)
#23-Jan-19 18:19

Displayed precision can't yet be adjusted in 9. (Except by use of a computed field with custom rounding.)

The inference (natural but not bulletproof) from the use of Length (I) is that question was about 8.

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