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#28-Nov-18 05:43

We are running late with the next cutting edge build. However, the current cutting edge build,, is going to expire on December 1. We are thus providing an extended version of that will continue to function past its original expiration date - both because the next build might cross a little into December and as a convenience to those who are using cutting edge builds in everyday work and don't want to have to update in a hurry when suddenly stops working.

The build is a copy of with an extension of the time lock and no other changes. This way we know the build introduces no new bugs.

To avoid confusion, we have to call this build The build with the features that we are working on will be called, it should appear later this week.

SHA256: 892b3988d652ad2fd67d3f3be6eb0b2b2786f171e8dd695b0a595acbf6d7b7f3

SHA256: a403138c63af6ee607c31c3fdf72f59bdea8063d2fc40c7e83fb58ef53b88e35

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