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#29-Nov-18 22:42

I am working in M9. I have created a map using a aerial image layer and a drawing layer for legal parcels. They are in the same projection and in my project window they display exactly as the should. When I create a layout and drag the map component into the layout the parcel drawing flips over - I have attached two screen shots to show what I mean. I have tried turning the drawing layer off and dragging the map component into the layout then turning the drawing layer back on in the map but it makes no difference, still flips in the layout. Anyone have any ideas?

Capture 1.JPG
Capture 2.JPG


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#30-Nov-18 02:10


This is almost certainly an XY vs YX issue.

I am a cack-handed one-finger typist at the moment as you know. I'll try to attach a link but...

Can you say what exact projections are assigned to each, and how they were assigned?

If you don't know exactly I can show you over the phone.

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