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#30-Nov-18 18:36

i read this post where coordinate are convert to different projection

1) about format and unit


INSERT INTO [poi] ([longitude_wgs84][latitude_wgs84])

VALUES (30, 10), (30, 20), (30, 30), (30, 40), (30, 50);

What is for (30 ,10) the format for 30 and the unit of 30? ( ithink unit dfine format )

you ll say it depend of projection datum coordinate system !!

2) in the same post there are 2 projections define using epsg 'EPSG:3857', 'EPSG:4326'

what is the epsg or projection name of latitude/longitude ?

latitude and longitude are not a projection/Datum name !

flat surface mean also curve ?

4) i don't find the unit converter or coordinate system metric mfd9 gui ?

any clue ?


epsg-3857-or-4326-for-web map

orthogonal surface curve


join image

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#03-Dec-18 06:58

4) i don't find the unit converteror coordinate system metric mfd9 gui ?

Follow the links you cite in the above. Those discuss how to drill down through the Coordinate System dialog to get to those lower dialogs.

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