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Mike Pelletier

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#03-Dec-18 20:33

Using version, I'm struggling with the Page Setup dialogue. This is with the attached simple town boundary layer with Google Satellite and Google Street Map (transparent) in the background. Very nice layers by the way.

The project printed, however, I cannot print large paper (36"x48"). The printing dialogue allows me to set that paper size but it seems to revert to the default paper size, which is set smaller. When I reopen the Page Setup dialogue, it has reverted to the default paper size.

Also, sure wish the Page Setup dialogue allowed choosing from my list of printers rather than just my default. Other programs allow this. Mfd 8 does not so my workaround has been to set the page size using the print dialogue (change it from my default printer) and send the print job to the plotter. Then I run over to the printer and cancel the job. Then go about finalizing the project for printing. Must be a better way.

For a workaround in Mfd9, is it possible to convert a layout into an image for export? Currently it seems the only export is .mml.

Towns with


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#03-Dec-18 21:09

Is this addressed above Adam's reply here. That issue ist still unsolved.

Shutdown adjusts priorities: Do we really want to go back to where we came from?

Mike Pelletier

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#04-Dec-18 15:20

Very similar. Thanks for the note Klaus. Ah, the to do list!

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