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amp6 post(s)
#09-Dec-18 19:44

After searching the manual and this forum to no avail, I would like to know if it is possible to import a GeoPackage (.gpkg) file into Manifold 8. This is promoted as THE alternative to shp as an exchange format, and is now available on my local gov't data exchange website.


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#09-Dec-18 19:46

Manifold 9 yes (read and write), Manifold 8 no.

amp6 post(s)
#10-Dec-18 05:11

Thank you. I wonder if they are likely to add that?


8,743 post(s)
#10-Dec-18 05:23

I would say very unlikely, though if want to ask, you could email sales.

But if you have both Manifold 8 and Manifold 9 (even just the free Viewer, provided you know someone else with the full version)...

Then it would be possible to access Manifold 9 data (includind data imported from GPKG) from Manifold 8 (8.0.30) via ODBC.


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#11-Dec-18 14:25

Like Tim says, you can use GPKG data (and data in other formats) in Manifold 8 through Manifold 9's ODBC driver.

Here is a Help topic with an example:

Example: Connect Through Manifold ODBC to a Third Party

Be sure to use the latest released build of 8 (8.0.30), there have been fixes and small additions for interoperability with 9.

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