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#10-Dec-18 18:30

Edit: a better title: Snapping in a new drawing: snapping to vertices in another drawing or component.


I have a drawing (A) in which there are areas. I need to create a new drawing (B) and in B I will create areas partly based on the areas in A. I create a map (demo map attached) with drawings A and B added. I put the focus on drawing B, click on Create New Area and toggle on snapping. However the behaviour in M9 is that if the focus is on drawing B, I can't snap to vertices in drawing A. If I change the focus to drawing A, I can snap to vertices.

Seems I have two options, I can copy from drawing A, paste into B and edit the vertices. Second and similar is to make a copy of drawing A, call it drawing B and edit the areas. It seemed in M8 we could snap to vertices in other layers.

Related question, is there an indicator in the M9 interface that snapping is enabled (toggle on)? Currently I put the focus on a a component and toggle the space bar until I see the square, blue cursor indicating snapping is enabled.

Test snapping between components M9

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#11-Dec-18 05:29

Update. I see the cursor turns to a blue preview square at the cursor location when snapping is enabled.

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