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#10-Dec-18 22:58

It used to be that I would get an error message titled Unknown error every now and then when saving a file in Manifold 8. Someone suggested using Save as... instead of Save and that seemed to fix it. Today I got the error again when using Save as....

Normally I close Manifold at the end of every day with a Save as... and restart the next morning. Last Thursday I went home at mid day and called in sick for the rest of the day and Friday. That left Manifold running four nights until this morning. This afternoon when I tried to save as... I got the message.

I tried opening another instance of M8 with the offending file and saving that without making any changes. Still got the Unknown error.

I opened the previous day's version of the file and saved that with a new name and it worked without the error. So I went back to the file that had been running over the weekend and copied all the contents from each of two layers. I pasted the entire layer of parcels into the parcels layer of the second instance of the file and saved. It worked. I copied all the contents of my Metes and Bounds layer and pasted into the second instance and saved. That worked, too.

I can't say this Unknown error fix will work every time or for every time it pops up, but this worked this time for me.

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#10-Dec-18 23:30

I usually get this "unknown error" message when two people mistakenly open the same file and one person saves. Our workaround is to append our initials to the file name and always ask that person before we open their files.


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#11-Dec-18 05:38

Hard to offer advice without knowing more about the project and your installation. Example: if your project is stored on a network drive or includes links to items on network drives if you get a network interruption, that's the same as having a local disk drive fail/glitch/stop/etc.

Likewise, if multiple people use the same file in incompatible ways that can cause an issue. The best solution for that is to use Enterprise multi-user features to eliminate such conflicts.


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#11-Dec-18 05:47

I would add: there is nothing magic about Save As unless you provide a new filename. Save As with the same filename will always fail, if it is also open in another instance.

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#11-Dec-18 14:21

I always Save as... with today's date and an alpha character to indicate whether this is the first, second, or whatever save of the day. So they always have a new name.

My storage is on a server so that it gets backed up every night. However, I read about server interruptions yesterday while searching for help, here. So I tried storing on my C drive desktop and still got the Unknown error. There are no links out of Manifold except to Google Earth.

I am the only user in the office. It is very rare that I have two instances of Manifold running at the same time.

After closing the file without saving yesterday, today I opened the same file and immediately performed a successful Save as... with a new name.


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#11-Dec-18 14:13

As Dimitri said, it's hard to determine what causes the issue without knowing more. The "Unknown error" is just that - unknown - it is a catch-all error for when something unexpected happens and the code is not sure how to proceed.

That said:

I tried opening another instance of M8 with the offending file and saving that without making any changes. Still got the Unknown error.

Unless the failure happened because the drive hosting the temp folder ran out of space (which is always a possibility, but let's say this is not the case), this indicates that the MAP file itself has been damaged. What specific process caused the damage is also unknown at this point - but what is clear is that any further actions with the MAP file have a potential to fail.

You could try exporting individual components and re-importing them into a new MAP file - or maybe using File - Import - Component to try and pick individual components from the damaged MAP file, although that's much riskier. The best option would be to restore as many components as you can from an earlier backup and only export / re-import the components that changed or that are new. But that requires having a backup, unfortunately.

We realize this is a very unpleasant issue to have and took significant measures to try and avoid such issues / limit the damage they can inflict in 9.

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