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#12-Dec-18 20:42

I have a client who is using the Avenza mapping app on his phone. It can import GeoTifs and GeoPDFs and he is using it for staking out fence points. The map he has loaded into his phone has the image in the back ground, fence lines and points where posts go. Can I export something like this from M8 or do I need another software programme?

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#13-Dec-18 08:11

GeoPDF no. Related discussion:

Geotiff yes. There is a related page in M8 online manual. "Export Image-GeoTIFF".

Some people by saying geotiff mean normal tiffs plus a .twf ("world") file with image position information and not a tiff with embedded real-world position information (that is what geotiff is) . Manifold doesn't export .twf directly but there was a script somewhere in the forum that creates those files.


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#13-Dec-18 10:39

I use Avenza and simply export a tiff checking export projection info. Bear in mind that Avenza requires lat/lon wgs84.

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#13-Dec-18 17:31

M8 allows you to export the image as a tiff but how do you export it showing the fence or poi t layer and well? Or can you import that layer separately into avenza? The example I have looks just like a normal pdf but in avenza it is obviously geo referenced


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#13-Dec-18 18:36

Combine all the features in a map and then make an image of that to export as the geotiff.

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#13-Dec-18 18:48


The other part of this that addresses Ian's original question is that Avenza has tools to create PDF maps for its mobile application. They are MAPublisher, which works with Adobe Illustrator, and Geographic Imager, which works with Photoshop. Global Mapper can also produce suitable PDFs.

Another note: the Avenza Maps mobile app is not free for commercial use. See attached.


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