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#14-Dec-18 08:27

Having imported a huge file with 666.517.544 records in M9 I was wondering wether this is a record, or do others out there have bigger tables? It took a couple of minutes (more than 5) to do the counting (no index, no mfd_id).

One thing I have learned is that M9 is robust and capable to work with these kind of tables, and that I need more disk space. ;-)



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#14-Dec-18 08:40

I hit the 2 billion record limit on a table of lidar points. There were some 3 billion points in the full set.

The project also contained all of the grids, contours, intensity images etc, etc and still opened in an instant

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#18-Dec-18 15:57

By the way, we are looking to remove the limit of 2 billion records per table sometime in 2019.

This will make the title of the biggest Manifold table a little more difficult to attain.


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#19-Dec-18 03:32

There will be a degree of resistance to losing the record. Dan can scale up significantly, and much of New Zealand is behind him.

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