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#14-Dec-18 21:29

Hi not really about manifold but i have some basic questions about the meaning of gis/geometry word ( I perhaps ll use some gis words in the wrong way ) :

1) what are the differents way to measurement system for have raw 3D coordinates ( lat long high) ?

I think that only global navigation satellite system (GNSS) let us have raw data ! Is there other not base on GNSS ?

2) Does system use for express raw 3D coordinate value are also call projection . I think about camera where image can be save using raw data ( no process of white balancing or color grading ) . Here strange we can measure when we know all the satellites move and earth spin and move too !!

2) Does projections mean convert 3d raw coordinate to x y 2D plan ( not curve)

all projection that can be view here target 2D plan ( not curve ) ...right ?

3) for all the projection see here , the projection is global so could i write that all the reference axe are the same ( red line) . In local each country choose their own reference ( ellipsoide horizontal vertical ) .

4) does point high elevation don't change during convert 3D Raw data to a 2D plan projection system ?

5) Does axes could be curve on 2D plan !! ?? How unit distance is place along each red line ?

thank's ..


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