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#17-Dec-18 16:19

I just found that when I export to drawing, only the first Geom is exported. Did anyone else observe this? I use Edge More : I just had a try with version and it works.So I tried Edge ... 6 without success


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#17-Dec-18 17:04

I reported another effect for Neither ArcView 3.0 nor ArcGIS 10.1 can read the exported shapes. however Manifold 8 can and exports readable shapes.


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#18-Dec-18 07:43

Responding here to the entire thread.

We do have a bug in the SHP export in indeed. More accurately, we have a bug and something that technically isn't a bug, but can also make SHPs unusable in other applications:

1. (Bug) Exporting objects sometimes produces geometry for just one object, typically the first. This is similar to what's reported in the first post. This is a straight regression coming from recent changes to SHP export that we did. We will fix it, the fix will be in the next cutting edge build.

2. (Not a bug, but...) We changed the way we export points and started marking them as multi-points, because points in 9 can potentially be multi-points. Multi-points are a valid type for a SHP file and they were part of the SHP file specification for a long time. However, as it turns out, while both 8 and 9 can read SHP files with multi-points just fine, other software (including ESRI products, amazingly enough) fails to do so and sometimes even crashes. We don't want to reduce multi-points to the first point during export (that's a data loss), nor do we want to split them into multiple records (that breaks uniqueness of the IDs), so that's a bit of a bind. What we decided to do is to use the file splitting capability that we already have in the SHP export and write points with a single coordinate as points as before, but write points with multiple coordinates as multi-points into a separate file. This way, if the user does not have any multi-points, he has no problems whatsoever, and if he does have multi-points and some software fails to read them, at least it is clear that the issue is related to multi-points. And if needs be, multi-points can be disassembled into simple points in 9 prior to the export.

Apologies for the issues.


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#18-Dec-18 07:43

[deleted, as this post crossed with adamw's]


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#17-Dec-18 19:54

You will report this too?

It would be interesting to see the data, if you want someone to confirm.


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#17-Dec-18 20:15

I just exported a polygon layer from without issue. This displayed fine in ArcMap 10.4.1.

Are you able export the offending layer in an M9 mxb and upload so that we can test it on another machine?

I do find that if I export to ESRI file GDB, that often ArcMap cant read the geometries correctly until I do a repair geometry operation (in ArcMap/ArcCatalog) on them. Presumably this is despite them being written by ESRI's own SDK.

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#18-Dec-18 07:06

Looks like a bug, at least with some exports (not with all). I've reported it.

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