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#19-Dec-18 16:50


I'm attaching two pictures. One is from the layout view in Manifold 9 and one is from the PDF generated from the layout. In the M9 layout there is a red dot to the left of the yellow label (2-line labels were imported from M8). After printing to Adobe PDF, you can see the label overlaps and hides the red dot. Had the red dot not been the only visual reference for the client, and had it not taken 30 minutes to print to PDF, I might simply adjust the label and reprint without commenting here.

I tried printing to CutePDF and got an identical visual appearance at the red dot. The size of the file with CutePDF is almost 10x larger than the Adobe PDF file with the same resolution.

Is this non WYSIWYG a Manifold issue or is this a Print to PDF issue?

Detail from Manifold 9 Layout.jpg
PDF closeup from Manifold 9 Print.jpg

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