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#24-Dec-18 13:15

I was just reviewing the new Style: Areas topic.... there is some useful discussion of how to use the Inner and Outer features there. Learn how to create displays like...


(OK... weird, but it shows bitmaps. :-)



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#24-Dec-18 18:06

A full-on steampunk version would be even cooler.


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#13-Jan-19 07:01

in web we start from blank page with content text locate in a hiearchy of handle (html tag id class) and apply css with asset like font raster svg. To avoid create from scratch style we can buy template . css garden is a wellknown website for designer where web designer apply their own template on the same web page structure !!

template exist for many software like

-- photoshop with layer comps but for raster export . PS manage font texture brush color !!

--word template but for coorporate identity

--power point for presentation ( here)

--template that were available locally in frontpage or dreamweaver are now available for web server ( CMS like drupal joomla wordpress) with a subset of options define by server developper and ux designer . photoshop and illustrator are still use to create some asset of the template ( serif ll do the same ) , dreamweaver are replace by code editor like old emacs/vi but under the name of sublime text , atom , visualcode .

In gis world we start from line point and apply thematic symbology style labels or specific object like chart camembert. Gis is mainly use in infographiy with statistic . But in press the main softwares that are use are Quark X press and InDesign and both are mainly compatible with illustrator and photoshop.

The first time i use photoshop was to know which which vector asset can be use import and how can i easy custom edit or create this asset ! Photoshop is a nightmare when understand that vector asset are in csb format ! CS6 support edit vector but need practise to master the vector editor.New PS support svg now !! It is why adobe fireworks was awesome when we don't need advanced tools available in illustrator or photoshop ( manifold support script on content more easely than adobe ) .The question is which asset can be import in manifold for have a kind of template when use style ? and we can discover that font /glyph and raster can be use so very very nice great !!

create font need to use a vector tool like illustrator inkscape with file font creator tool like birdfont or fontcreator among others ( see advices forserif designer )

I don't think support svg or pdf if a problem if the goal is to use static composite document ( epub , pdf , word ) . Compatibility ( export) should be available for vector/raster editors without loose too much style/template or not loose to many time recreate it !!



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"Because my dad promised me" ( interstellar ) but blackhole don't exist

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