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Home - General / All posts - Moving M9 files with linkded file Data Sources to another machine.
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#27-Dec-18 18:20

I have a M9 file with several linked .map (and some .shp) files as Data sources. I want to move the file to a 2nd machine that has different folders' hierarchy than the 1st machine and I don't want to lose the links. After I move the file, I think I can correct the paths of the linked files by right clicking on the data source icon and then typing in the Source field the new path.

If I wanted to keep the correct link paths without having to change them manually, is there a way to create the Data source at first place in such a way? Maybe storing linked files paths relatively to main file path (and then moving linked files to the same path the main file uses or something similar, provided that the relative paths stay the same)?


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#27-Dec-18 19:18

(I agree, as does Adam.)

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