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#29-Dec-18 08:23

When placing several layers in a map, and as the layers' tab count grows, tabs visual distinguishing becomes difficult. In a 15inch laptop screen if you put 15-20 tabs their names start becoming mostly hidden because there is no room. If you have several linked layers from Data sources only the first 4-5 letters of the Data source name are visible and you have to hover over the tabs to see the tool-tip with the full name.

I think there should be a way to help distinguish the layer tabs more easily and faster. There could be some little symbol (or a colored little dot) in the tab than indicates if it is a drawing, image, or label. Another idea is that the user could set a color for each layer tab than would help distinguish it from other tabs. Also there could be and option for more than one rows of tabs in the Map window, so that would be more room for layer names text.

I am going to send a suggestion and before that I would like to see if anyone has more/better ideas for this issue.


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#29-Dec-18 13:20

One idea, first suggested by Klaus, is to allow maps to be nested as layers within maps.

That may well be coming, perhaps. I think it is the best solution.

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#02-Jan-19 19:04

Or use the fixed width tab scheme with left-right scrolling, a la M8.

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