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#04-Feb-19 13:41

Two new videos have been added to the Gallery page:

Manifold Viewer - Display Color Infrared (CIR) from NAIP Images : This is a video version of the new example topic showing how to create Color Infrared imagery from four band NAIP images.

Manifold Viewer - Synthetic Imagery using Multiple Styles : A companion to the above video: link a four band NAIP .tif image and then make multiple copies of the image that all point to the same table in the data source. Style a palette image using near Infrared only, then hill shade it and use that as a layer to "pan sharpen" a natural color view of the same image.

Viewer is used in the above because it's totally free. 9, of course, will do all the above, but it's still pretty wild what you can get with the free Viewer.

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#04-Feb-19 16:24

Three new videos if you include the unannounced GPGPU demo from last week.

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#04-Feb-19 22:57

These are great, thank you!

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#07-Feb-19 12:18

Video suggestion: There could be a follow up to these videos, showing the procedure to create an image where pixels have a remote sensing indicator as value such as the Normalized difference vegetation index or theNormalized difference water index.

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#07-Feb-19 15:53

There are now many videos, and the number is growing. It looks as though I will soon have some spare time to properly learn M9, and transfer some of my many projects from M8. I find the videos to be useful learning tools. Is there a list or index of the videos anywhere? If not, could I suggest that such an index would be useful? Thanks.


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#08-Feb-19 06:40

The videos appear in the Gallery page, but there's not just a table. The older ones are out of date and need to be redone to show what the controls are currently like, and they could use some organization.


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#21-Feb-19 07:53

There's the default chronological list in the YT channel:

Manifold Sales / Videos

No sophisticated playlists, however.

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