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#09-Mar-19 14:34

I played with the API a bit and currently I am after accessing M9 like used to use M8 IMS.

I am looking through the object model but so far I do not see M9 API equivalents. I guess they are not quite there yet. Am I right or I missed something obvious?

If the latter, thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction.

If the former - any chance for an info if this is planned (and when... though such info was seldom disclosed before)? though i will put together and send a feature suggestion anyway

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#11-Mar-19 08:33

We don't currently expose an API for rendering components. We are planning to expose it as part of the upcoming build series with the web server.

There are no hard dates, but in general, our immediate plans for after the current series of cutting edge builds (which are generally about styles / printing, but also have several important isolated pieces of functionality merged in) center around three general directions: (a) geometry (a rework of some of the key functions for performance and extended functionality + new functions and transforms + sophisticated editing), (b) rasters (an improved data model + new functions and transforms + several new tools), (c) servers (web server is here, but only as a part, there's more).

Please send a feature suggestion regardless of the plans above, any info on what specifically you are after for your use scenarios helps shape what we do. If you prioritize the items with "must have" vs "nice to have, but only after must haves are there", that helps even more.


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#11-Mar-19 15:52

Adam, thanks for the info.

I'll put together some stuff I use frequently with M8, maybe there is some stuff that could make it into one of the upcoming builds.

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