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Joey6 post(s)
#08-Apr-19 22:34


how can I georegister a scanned map im M9? Files are available as .png, they import well to M9 (Pseudo Mercator assigned), but how do I provide the reference points and have a georegistered image calculated?

Any help welcome,



192 post(s)
#08-Apr-19 22:43


This hasn't been implemented in v9 yet. You would have to find someone here that could do it for you in v8.

Joey6 post(s)
#09-Apr-19 21:23

Hi oeaulong,

Oh my! I really wasn't expecting that.

But OK, thanks for the info!

Joey6 post(s)
#09-Apr-19 21:48

Hi again,

I dug out my old M8, but only to notice that the help function doesn't work. Also the relevant links in this support forum do not work. How do I get access to the basic help for M8?

Any hints?

Regards, J.

127 post(s)
#09-Apr-19 23:51

look for georegistration / control points

drtees71 post(s)
#10-Apr-19 18:09

I georegisterimages and scans regularly in M8. I prefer to use survey data whenever possible since there is usually a sharp corner or intersection I can snap to. Other than that, existing buildings and road intersections common between images (one registered and the other not) are very helpful. The final step often is to load up the newly registered image and use CRTL-arrow keys to adjust the position of the image so that the image aligns well with other GIS data.

I use the default "affine" setting for almost all manual georegistrations. If I am absolutely certain on control point locations, I may use triangulation or numeric registration. It is very important when using either of these options that some of the control points are located so that they completely encompass the area of interest. Otherwise, important aspects of the image may be deleted or distorted beyond usability (Numeric registration really requires control points to be applied somewhat equally-spaced on the entire image. Otherwise, the results will be "interesting!")

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