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#29-Apr-19 05:17

Hi everyone, just curious to know if it's possible to have a rectangular poly split with a parallel line (or more) of one of the sides to a specified area?

I have had a client ask about putting in fencing in a large paddock (>4000ha) to make it a number of say 500ha paddocks. It would be important to have the internal fencing parallel with a selected side (or entered heading).



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#29-Apr-19 05:21

Very possible, but you'd be lucky to get it for free.


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#29-Apr-19 05:41

If I were to tackle this I would determine the boundary size of the 500ha paddock then create two arrays, one at 90 deg to the other with one set to the desired edge bearing. Then split the big paddock by the arrays. Could take some fiddling to avoid edge partial size paddocks.

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#29-Apr-19 06:57

The boundary lengths of each (say) 500ha paddock will depend on its own size and the size of the containing paddock (say 4000ha) and its shape. Also (related) which boundary should be preferred for alignment (or a bearing).

It's only maths but not necessarily trivial. A simple solution could produce gibberish.


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#29-Apr-19 07:14

If you chose the boundary for alignment, and measured its length, you would get the width for subdividing paddocks (w = A / b). Then a rotated and repositioned grid would work OK. That's one subdivision.


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#29-Apr-19 07:29

(Pretty much what Colin said.)

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#29-Apr-19 08:17

Ok, so I assume an array is a grid?

Ill have a play, thanks for the info.


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#29-Apr-19 10:11

This is not the first time we hear of such a task, so we will try to add a query function to split an area with verticals / horizontals into parts of specified proportions in the future.

In the meantime, your case seems to be much simpler than the general case - your area is rectangular, is that correct? With boundary lines aligned to the axes too, maybe? (If not, that's not a big deal, you can rotate the area to make them aligned.) If that's the case, it would be pretty simple to write a script to divide such an area with vertical (or horizontal) lines in specified proportions.

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#30-Apr-19 12:43

Sorry, I was just using the rectangle as an example, I'm looking for a way to do it on irregular shapes.

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#01-May-19 12:27

I second this.

This would be a very useful feature.

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#01-May-19 19:07

This would be a very useful tool. The additional options provided by the ArcGIS tool would also be great additions.

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#13-May-19 09:46

Yep, that link shows pretty much exactly what I'm after. Very useful.

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#13-May-19 22:52

When fencing is involved with precision acreage, I send people to a surveyor. The owners want to know exactly where to put the fence posts. Doing that in GIS theory is fine, but they want to see the marker flags or pins in the ground. Surveyors do that.

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