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Home - General / All posts - Unable to copy shape file to sql server. WKB invalid format exception
nityaj4 post(s)
#03-May-19 12:46

I'm trying to copy a shape file and get an error

I created a new data source to the SQL SERver and a link to the shape file.

Then I copy and paste the shape file table to the data source.

Attached is the error.

Please help.



9,135 post(s)
#06-May-19 10:04

Which version of Manifold are you using (8 or 9, and which build number)?

Can you post the SHP file (don't need the DBF)?

nityaj4 post(s)
#06-May-19 12:42


Thank you very much for replying.

Here's the link to the Parcel compressed file. It's from a county.\\DCAD.ORG\WEB\WEBDATA\WEBFORMS\GIS%20PRODUCTS\

I'm using Manifold 9 (Build


5,993 post(s)
#06-May-19 12:48


168.0 is about nine months old. Many improvements since then. Try using the current release 9.0.169


9,135 post(s)
#06-May-19 14:03

As said by Dimitri, use 9.0.169. I checked and it loads the SHP file into SQL Server without any issues (and does this faster than 9.0.168 ever could because 169 reads and writes SQL Server geometry in its native format without conversions, while earlier builds were asking SQL Server to convert to / from WKB).

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