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#26-Jun-19 15:54

Is there still a way in 9 to select a single pixel in an image?

I know I can select a tile and do all the transform operations with it, but what if I want to change or analyze

a specific area other than a tile?

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#26-Jun-19 17:45

You can do that as of 169.3 although there is not yet either a video or an update to the documentation to show how to do that in a step by step way:

The Record pane shows and allows editing pixel values in tiles. Pixel values are shown as X - Y - value (possibly multi-channel) - toggle that indicates whether the pixel is present or missing. Pixel values can be selected, values can be edited and toggled, editing or toggling a selected pixel value alters all selected pixel values. Changed pixel values are highlighted. (Saving changes to the edited tile will currently require updating intermediate levels manually in the map window - we will perhaps automatically update them if they were updated before the changes.)


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#27-Jun-19 15:16

I would suggest to bring back selecting and editing of single pixels.

For example when scanning and geo-referencing paper maps it is necessary to select and edit the margins of that map in order to either clip it or make it transparent.

Also this would enable the user to change pixel values in an area without affecting other areas at the same time.

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