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sour115 post(s)
#01-Jul-19 02:56


This is strange but again, I encounter a zero value and sometimes negative for the line. I already post the same issue I encounter before.

Does anyone know how to fix this?




8,958 post(s)
#01-Jul-19 03:09

Can you say more about the present problem? The meaning of the picture is not obvious to me (but may be to others).

I checked the old thread--but the relation to the current issue is not obvious.

To put it another way: what needs to be fixed?

Do you have sample data? If you have ever seen a negative value for Length (I), that would be very interesting to see!


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#01-Jul-19 13:44

The only way I can imagine the field for line length displaying a negative value is if the field is converted into an integer and there is an integer overflow - maybe this can happen during some export.

I'd also like to see example data and a brief explanation of what specifically is the issue. If the issue is that the length of non-empty lines becomes zero (or the length of any lines becomes negative) - that's fine, but how were the numbers that we are looking at created, what was the process?

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