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bobo_chacha200025 post(s)
#25-Jul-19 01:36

I would like to know does M8 or M9 can use link table to the google sheet?

I ask this because we have a project where everybody updates in the google sheet, thus I want to create a map from the data they post online(google sheet).


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#25-Jul-19 04:31

I think that this may be accomplished in Mfd9. It may not be the only approach, but a quick test worked for me.

Try this.

Open the google sheet and choose a File- Download As- CSV file from the menu.

open up your browser download window. (Ctrl-J for Chrome)

Right button click on the URL for the file downloaded and choose "Copy link address" to copy the link URL to the clipboard. Don't open the file, just get the http: reference URL in its entirety.

Open M9 and File - Create - New Data Source.

Pull-down "Type:" scroll down to the "Web Server: csvserver" option

Paste the above URL to the csv download to the "Source:" edit box.

_you can use the ellipsis "..." to test the connection in the Web Login window. choose the Test button in the lower left_

Click on Create Data Source button. A Data Source database icon should show up in the Project pane. expand this. After the connection and download from the link a table should appear. It may be read-only. Open this and examine the data. If you can read this, then you are pretty much ready to generate a map assuming the spatial data is available on the table, or you can link another table to it for the coordinate references. Good luck.

bobo_chacha200025 post(s)
#25-Jul-19 06:47

I tried M9, and I couldn't find the Web Server: csvserver.

Is there something missing in my M9?

But first, before we proceed to M9. Is it also possible in M8?

I've also attached the New data source connection option.

New data source.jpg

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#25-Jul-19 07:02

I tried M9, and I couldn't find the Web Server: csvserver.

Testing in M9 v. (18-Jul-2019), among the Type of server is "Web Server: csvserver". See the screenshot. Agree, I don't see csvserver among the server types in your screen shot. Are you using the current M9?

Cool idea linking to a Google Sheet. It means others can remotely provide field data and other uses.

csvserver option.JPG

bobo_chacha200025 post(s)
#25-Jul-19 07:24

Upon checking I am still using v.

Need to update my current version. I'll get back soon after I down load the latest version.


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#25-Jul-19 14:14 should indeed work fine.

Google Docs spreadsheets have URLs like this:{key}/edit#gid={sheet}

To get the spreadsheet as a CSV, modify the URL to:{key}/export?format=csv&id={key}&gid={sheet}

They have more sophisticated access options, too, see this doc, for example (it's somewhat cryptic, but...):

Implementing the Chart Tools Datasource Protocol (V0.6)

gkbhat78 post(s)
#26-Jul-19 17:45

I tried to link csv file from google sheets. I got this results. Wondering what went wrong. Can anyone please help? The link I used was

google sheetsimport.jpg


236 post(s)
#26-Jul-19 19:54

The link is returning HTML. A sign-in to Google page. So verify if you are signed into your google account, and that your account has access to this file.

I was able to reproduce this on my side using your link. Instead of creating a data source, I Linked (File - Link) to it as a .TXT file then copied the response to an html editor for better viewing. This gave me the clue. you also are seeing this in your screen capture.

Here is a quick sample link to a test sheet on my Drive. Try it.

gkbhat78 post(s)
#27-Jul-19 04:51

Thanks. It was due to sharing issues. I made it shareable to everyone and it could be imported. There should be some way to log in and get the file without making it accessible to everyone.

If it is possible please inform me. Thanks in advance

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#27-Jul-19 09:28

Has anyone here read the Google Drive terms of service?

If you have not read the agreement, but use the service, you are a plain fool.

If you have read the agreement, but still use the service, you are a complete and utter fool.

The most acute worry is that besides yourself, you also compromise everyone you deal with. Every single colleague, every family member.

Actualiy read the agreement, every paragraph--then judge.


8,958 post(s)
#28-Jul-19 01:56

In case anyone can't read this far:

When you upload, submit, store, send or receive content to or through Google Drive, you give Google a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works (such as those resulting from translations, adaptations or other changes we make so that your content works better with our services), communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content.

That is followed directly by this supposed limitation:

The rights you grant in this license are for the limited purpose of operating, promoting, and improving our services, and to develop new ones.

How far that goes is anyone's guess. Google's main "service" is of course inverse: advertising and selling our identities. That includes political marketing, accommodating totalitarian regimes and occasionally a democratic one. The knowledge gained from your documents is routinely combined with your browser history, cookies, your local IP, and all your gmail content to and fro if you (or your kids) are gullible enough to use that as well.

Just don't.

(And can Manifold please also drop V8? Google is not getting better.)

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#29-Jul-19 16:35

Part of the concern with Google and their Drive family of products is that Google literally gives away free computers to K-12 teachers. In a matter of a few years they subsumed an entire industry formerly owned by Apple and Microsoft. As the teachers got comfortable with the Chromebooks, the school districts have been coerced by popular demand to buy Chromebooks for the schools. So practically every school child in the US has a Google Drive account.


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#09-Aug-19 12:20

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571 post(s)
#09-Aug-19 11:54

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bobo_chacha200025 post(s)
#06-Aug-19 08:31


Sorry for my ignorance. I was able to install M9 latest version in my computer but I encounter same scenario as gkbhat. I tried to comprehend the method you shown above, but found no success. Allow me to ask step by step on how you manage to link the M9 to google sheet.

Hope to hear from you soon.

bobo_chacha200025 post(s)
#06-Aug-19 10:29

I'm trap where I need to use WEB LOGIN but don't know much about the information required.

The result in "Content type mismatch"

type mismatch.jpg


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#07-Aug-19 03:14

Forgive me, I have been traveling this weekend and with the Mfd9 update, I just caught your message.

The user agent field wouldn't be it. and certainly not with the url string in your picture.

My test was using my drive account and a test sheet. Note that there is a difference between a "Sharable link" and the Exported CSV link referenced in the browsers downloaded list.


Do you have the shareable link? Having this would allow, at least, ability to view in the browser?

(note: The sharable link is Not the correct link for Manifold, it would allow you only to view the sheet in the browser.)

If yes, can you regenerate the .CSV download? Does it download the file?

If yes, open up your browser's Downloads window showing recent download list. Find the downloaded file link, right button click on the link and click "Copy link address" from the context menu? the URL should begin with ""

This is the needed link, now copied to the clipboard.

A quick test outside of manifold: open notepad.exe

pull down the File / Open menu

in the window at the bottom will be the File name: edit box... Paste the link here.

next to this, insure that the "Text documents (*.txt)" is selected. Click the Open button.

This should if you have access open the CSV file inside notepad, naming the file "export".

If this works correctly, try the Manifold procedure:

Open Manifold v9. Pull down the menu, "File / Create / New Data Source..."

In the opening dialog box, Give the datasource a meaningful name.

Pull down the Type: box to "Web Server: csvserver"

Paste the correct link in the Source: box and then click the "Create Data Source" button at the bottom left.

The datasource should then show in the Project Pane. click to expand it.

An export table name should appear.

attached is the dialog screenshot.


bobo_chacha200025 post(s)
#08-Aug-19 08:14

Thank you very much for this!

Tried it as suggested and it works....

After, I tried to edit/ add/ remove some data in my data source(google sheet). But the changes was not able to update in my M9 table. I tried to refresh my table (shift F5) but still the revision made is not present.

Question: Does it supposedly to work this way?


8,775 post(s)
#08-Aug-19 08:20

Refresh the data source first.

Actually, strike that, I checked and this won't help right now either. You can refresh data by closing / re-opening the MAP file or deleting / re-creating the data source, but not via Refresh commands. We'll look into changing that.

bobo_chacha200025 post(s)
#08-Aug-19 09:00

Thank you very much.

Hoping for the future enhancement for this feature.

invalid technology.jpg

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