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#26-Jul-19 00:32

Just asking if anyone has done anything similar. Imagine you have a Council database and you want to check that everyone who has a swimming pool has a pool fence, a legal requirement in Australia. The pool inspection data is just a regular ms-access database and has a lot-on-plan land parcel address. The lot-on-plan can be used to relate the pool data to the cadastre, which is the map of all land parcels.

Would it be possible to move to a new record in the ms-access database and have map in manifold GIS follow? Linking ms-access (32 bit) to manifold is trivial. I imagine that this could be done using a query that selects a parcel which was flagged as the current parcel in ms-access. Perhaps there is a better way. One of the issues is overzooming where zooming to a feature zooms in so close, that you don't seen enough context. For example with some pools, the fence is several metres away and the user would have to zoom out to see it. So in addition to panning to the site, I would buffer the site on the fly and zoom to the buffer.


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#26-Jul-19 09:35

Would it be possible to move to a new record in the ms-access database and have map in manifold GIS follow?

Yes. The way I do this now is to select the record and then zoom to selection in the map, which is a built-in choice in the drawing tab's context menu. That assumes the drawing you are using is built on a table that incorporates the access data in some dynamic fashion, which it seems would be the way to do this anyway.

I've submitted many suggestions in the past, which I know have found happy places on the "to do" list for small things that are steadily bubbling up in priority to "done" status, for increased "select back" from all panes and windows to all other panes and windows. For example, if you see something in the Record pane or in a table it should be one click to see that in an associated window (today, it's window to pane, but it should be window to table, table to window, pane to window, etc, in all combinations).

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