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gjsa76 post(s)
#04-Aug-19 10:01

I have Manifold installed and licensed on 2 machines (1 x Intel Xeon and 1 x AMD Ryzen) - both running Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops (release 1903).

On both machines, have recently started getting "unknown error" when trying to start any of the Edge versions I have downloaded:,,

It is "ext.dll" in the M9 Edge versions that causes the error. Note that the M9 Edge versions listed above have an ext.dll that is ~60-70 MB, vs 91.8 MB for the installed version.

However, as nothing changed with the Manifold installation (or the Edge version folder) to trigger the error when starting the Edge version (they were working fine) - I'm thinking that something with Windows on these machines is causing the issue. What exactly, I don't know.


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#04-Aug-19 10:29

Those previous Cutting Edge builds have simply expired.

For now you need


5,620 post(s)
#04-Aug-19 10:40

For now you need

Small typo: should be but the link is right.


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#04-Aug-19 11:12

Thanks sorry. (Maybe my brain is primitively one-based not zero-based?)

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