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#09-Aug-19 11:21

even don't code a lot this years i still follow manifold news ( view vidéo and install update, some tests ) ...

Javascript has a lot of libraries ( i use in the past python, xpath , Regexp with iopus but really like now browserless selenium) to grab web data in browser console mode.

Since manifold and more Microsoft tool are web oriented (aka javascript uwp,and all google services that is chrome browser centric like stadia game platform and "chrome"cast"audio" , ie ll now use chrome engine !!! ). Is there an easy way to have acces to node context and browser context or some external javascript library easely from manifold javascript file ? i test installed library in python using manifold 8 and could use the python library at a glance very easely !! IT ll be nice to do the same thing with not only javascript language but also javascript library like nodejs !!

best is to install library in node and use then node context from manifold javascript file ?

Does manifold has to be consider like a web server and so javascript can be see like a server side script and node should be behave like a II server ?


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#12-Aug-19 16:50

When you launch a script written in Javascript in Manifold, there's no browser and no traditional DOM with windows / HTML elements and similar things. Instead, you have an object representing Manifold from which you can get databases, tables, sequences, etc. A lot of Javascript libraries rely on the DOM objects to be there, so they cannot work in the Manifold environment without changes.

But there are two caveats:

First, some Javascript libraries are abstract enough with minimal dependencies and minimal requirements on what the script host has to provide. These can work without changes.

Second, we are moving closer to serving web pages and for scripts running in the context of a web page, we get to use the traditional environment from the browser. This allows using all or nearly all Javascript libraries that currently exist.

So, we are planning to allow using Javascript libraries first for scripts running in the context of a web page, and then for scripts running in the context of the bare-bones Manifold application.

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