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#14-Aug-19 14:47

Connecting to a certain Oracle DBMS brings 1000+ tables into project pane. 600+ are owned by the same user I use for connection. Couple of other users grant access for few hundred more tables each. The remaing odd tables are from ~20 different users.

Manifold has a great way to organize this mess into folders. However, having the current privileges, I can only organize the tables owned by the connecting user. Otherwise I get one of the following errors.

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

ORA-00972: identifier is too long

ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

I guess Manifold tries to create MFD_META for other schemas(=users) and fails. But what is the 'identifier is too long' error?

Shouldn't SCOTT.MFD_META be able to contain records about HR.* etc. tables also?


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#14-Aug-19 19:22

ORA-00972: identifier is too long

That's an Oracle error. I googled it and came up with many hits. Which one of those is relevant and how to avoid it depends on upon the specifics of what you are doing.


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#15-Aug-19 07:49

We'll check what specifically triggers ORA-00972 and ORA-00942 (ORA-01031 seems clear - no permissions to create / write to a table, since we are talking about creating folders and moving components into folders, that table is likely xxx.MFD_META).

SCOTT.MFD_META should only contain metadata for SCOTT.*, metadata for HR.* should go into HR.MFD_META. Otherwise we end up with a situation where, for example, the exact same table has multiple different variants of metadata created during different sessions.

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#15-Aug-19 13:14

Now I understand. Every schema/user has single organization for its tables and other users see the same organization.

I had different connections open and until I granted access to mfd_meta accross users, I did not see other users' folders and thought that each user can organize *all* tables its own way.

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