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tjhilton9 post(s)
#08-Sep-19 15:55


I posted up a few days ago about my frustrations relative the Manifold 9 vs 8.

Manifold has come through with re-establishing my 8 account and just wanted to give them the thumbs up.

Perhaps I was a bit abrasive in my comments and would like to apologize for that.



561 post(s)
#08-Sep-19 18:42

One thing to keep in mind when running both M8 and M9 is the .map files are not backwards compatible. If you have a .map project in M8, make a copy of the M8 project to open in M9. Once saved by M9, M8 can't open that .map file. I append "M8" and "M9" to my filenames to keep them separate.

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