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NithField12 post(s)
#03-Oct-19 18:01

Looking to accomplish the following in M9

Using the points from the centriods, build a map and usable drawing that has inverse weighted distance raster that is adjustable to smooth and blend different attributes (Like soil organic matter or... soil clay content)

Then restrict it to the Alberta Soil Map boundary polygon.

Any experience in this? never done Krig or IWD in M9



5,752 post(s)
#03-Oct-19 19:00

You asked the same question here and got an answer. Please don't repeat posts... especially when they've been answered. :-)

It's OK to start a new thread if the old one was not the right place, but if you do that, it's good form to acknowledge the prior answer/advice/etc. to kick off a dedicated discussion.

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