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#28-Oct-19 03:28

For Australia, elevation data can be downloaded from here: However the data comes as ASC files without hdf files, so I assume that the files are not ESRI ascii grid files. Prj files are provided. If you zoom into Canberra, DTM data of 1 m ground resolution is available. I would love to be able to import this data into manifold 9 but it comes in as table data with one table for each file. What I am after is a raster that covers my area of interest. If I could get the data in as a raster, I would be able to try out that nifty curvature filter to try and find old tracks through the hills. How hard can it be!


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#28-Oct-19 13:36

I was able to import one of these without any issues. I clicked File/Import and navigated to the .ASC file and opened it. It imported quickly and after setting the Style displayed. I didn't try and select from the drop-down list of file formats anything. I just chose the file and it took off.


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#28-Oct-19 13:44

(I tried to download and import an example file to see what is going on and with the site above hosting multiple data sets I did not know which data set to pick. I picked a couple and none of them came as ASC. If you continue having issues with a particular file, maybe post it on the forum - I guess you can select a smaller region and post the result returned for that smaller region to make the file size fit the forum restrictions.)

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